5 major Benifits of a detox

1 it helps reduce inflammation

2 helps promote better energy levels

3 helps digestion and weight lost

4 helps clean out the liver

5 helps have healthier skin

Signs that may indicate its time for a detox

  • Bloating

    Low energy

    Bad breath


    • Skin problems
    • Nausea
    • Mood swings
    • Constipation
    • Headaches
    • Aches and pains through out body
    • Belly fat and trouble lossing weight

    Water infused detox and detox teas

    Lemon&mint water infused

      • 1liter of water
      • Lemon (1 whole lemon and half)
      • Lime(1 whole lime)
      • Mint (roughly from 5-10 leaves)
      • Ice(only on hot days to have a nice could drink)

      Measurements are a preference my preferred measures are in quotes on side of ingredients

      Ginger & turmeric tea

      • Green tea organic recommend
      • Fresh ginger roots(a few thin slices) ginger can get spicy
      • Turmeric ( i put 1/4 ts of turmeric power) turmeric roots is my personal preference but turmeric powder is more time convinent
      • Cinnamon ( i put 1 cinnamon stick)
      • Lemon juice *optional

      Why workout?

      Working out is a great way to lose stress, weight, and anger. It also helps us be in shape and feel great. Working out also helps us be in better moods and helps have more confident. Here are some of my thoughts on why we should workout

      5 important reasons to work out

        1. Helps us live a longer life.for most of us a long life is what we want. Most of us want to see out kids and family grow up. Working out is a good way to stay healthier and help us live that long life we all want.

        • 2. Healthy heart working out may lower the risk of heart disease. Working out is the natural remedy to lower heart disease. Having a good blood flow is important and working out keep are heart strong and healthy to pump blood through out the body.

          3.Better sleep sleep is what keeps us happy ever notice when u lack sleep your kinda cranky. If your having trouble sleeping workout a couplehours before sleep to get tired and ready to sleep. You will also have great blood flow and oxygen to the brain which helps sleep better.

            4. Energy and mood booster ever feel lazy, tired,slugish, and cranky? a good work out in the morning is a great way to feel energetic and happy. When i work i feel great i have a rush do to all the blood rushing threw my body which feels great i feel a rush of energy and i feel i have more productivity like that.

              5.Reduce ur chances of diseases working out not only does it make ur heart strong and healthy it also helps fortify the immune systems it helps keep the digestive system clean and moving. Working out helps get rid of toxics in the body helping the body work at its best to fight of diseases.

              20 fat burning foods

              20 Fat Burning Food

              20 favorite fat burning food of mine. These are foods i did a little research on that help burn fat and that i personally use. I’ve created this list for people that need that extra little help on there weight loss journey. These fat burning food is not for everyone please make sure ur not allergic or cant have any of these foods it wont do u any good if these foods affect you. Try combing theses foods with ur eating routing to help the fat burning process.

              Fat burners

              1. Cayenne pepper
              2. Oats
              3. Grapefruit
              4. Salmon
              5. Kale
              6. Quinoa
              7. Avocado
              8. Berries
              9. Almonds
              10. Ginger
              11. Tumeric
              12. Kiwi
              13. Green tea
              14. Watermelon
              15. Kidney beans
              16. Pineapple
              17. Egg whites
              18. Dried plums
              19. Celery
              20. Turkey

              Quick facts

              It takes almost 2 days to digest beef depending on your health.

              You need to burn 3,500 calories to burn 1lb of fat.

              People who eat a good healthy breakfast have more energy.

              People who skip breakfast tend to overeat.

              Make Being Healthy Fun

              This is bluejay the doberman and shadow the husky

              Make being healthy fun

              Hello everybody i wanted to share alittle bit of how i enjoy being more active. Some people get tired of going to the gym everyday. I find diffrent ways to get a nice workout but enjoy it as well i like to go hiking, biking, sports and taking my dog out for walks. These are some pictures of my little adventures and activities.

              I love to go bike riding it feels great to get the wind in my face and enjoy the nice views. I feel bike riding is not only a great workout but also a great way to enjoy it.

              Hiking is a great workout i love it and i also feel like its important to get some nice fresh air. Most of us live our lives working all the time and we dont really get the chance to enjoy beautiful views and fresh air were depriving ourselfs from something great.

              I love my dogs there great hiking partner’s there also great company there like family to me . I always have a great time with my dogs . My dogs are my motivation when im out hiking they literally pull me up the hills there amazing.

              Find a sport u love and do it . Sports are a great way of working out. Sports are a great way to workout and this way your not forcing yourself to do anything you’ll enjoy doing it.

              Health benifits of turmeric and ginger

              Turmeric and ginger in my opinion is great every morning and night i make a nice warm tea of turmeric with ginger and cinnamon. The tea makes me feel great it helps me sleep and clears my throat. These two roots have a huge amount of benifits.

              Turmeric has been thought to be a great natural anti-inflammatory and great anti- oxidant. Turmeric has also been know for its digestion booster and pain killing benifits. Turmeric has been use also to help asthma (not cure help).people has also use turmic to help reduce chemotherapy effects. Im not suggesting that you consume or use turmeric but if you would consider using it do some research of your own to be sure

              Ginger has great research on Benifits such as boosted bone health and also relieves joint pain. Ginger may also help prevent cancer and help regulate sugar, it also helps women out with reliveing pain during menstrual cramps. Ginger has been proven to help with nausea and getting rid of excess gas from the body.

              How to reduce sugar cravings ?

              The average sugar consumption for men is 37.5 grams of sugar and for women the average consumption is 25 grams yet the average human consumes about 82 grams more the twice that is recommend for both men and women which is about 66 more pounds a year. Ever wonder how to reduce sugar cravings well i have 5 ways here.

              1.Dont drink to much sugarskip soda, juice, and other sweetened drinks. People who drink sugar sweetened beverages have up to an 83% higher chance of type 2 diabetes

              2.Get more sleep– when people are deprived of sleep it causes an imbalance in the hunger and full hormones (ghrelin and leptin hormones) and when theres an imbalance you are more likely to have sugar craving

              3.Infuse your water- try replacing sugary beverages like flavored sodas and jucies with a water infused with fruits or citrus it helps make water less plane and dull.

              4.Replacing sugar with cinnamon- cinnamon adds a sweet taste with out the actual need of sugar. Cinnamon helps protect the heart and fight diabetes.

              5.Modify your food– slowly change food recipes substituted sugar with whole food such as bananas, applesauce ,honey ,and syrup and other natural sweets.

              Mood savers

              Stress saver -chocolate helps ease and reduce stress in our body

              Laziness saver– spinach gives natural energy and helps concentrate

              Moody savereat apple and peanut butter it helps keep energy and sugar levels steady for long time

              Eagerness saver– eats salmon for omega 3 fatty to help feel at ease

              Depression saver– low fat milk has vitamin D which helps reduce depression