My Gym Journey

I use to go to the gym every single day work out for 3 to 4 hours push my self till my muscles gave up my dieting was consistent as well. This was one of my meal routines which worked for me and you guys are more than welcome to use it.

•Meal 1- 2 egg white + 1whole egg + 1/2 cup oatmeal

•Meal 2- 1/2 sc. Protein shake

•Meal 3- 4oz lean meat + 1/2cups of yams + 1 cups Green Veggies

•Meal 4- 4 oz lean meat +1/2 Brw Rice 1 cups Green Veggies

•Meal 5- 4 oz lean meat + 1 cups Green Veggies

•Meal 6- 1/2 sc. Protein shake

The reason i stopped working out was that i got a job that didnt let me sleep and rest enough. I would get so drained out from work i couldnt handle working out and its not an excuse i do pool demolitions which if you ever done or seen its a horrible job. I wake up at 4am and drive to work then i would usually get home anywhere from 4-8 I know a lot of people can relate and it honestly sucks to not be able to do something you love.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds and to build some muscle. I want to get back to working out because i miss it and i honestly feel horrible i have gained 40 pounds since i started working. I try working out i get tired and start breathing hard when i use to workout i lifted stuff like nothing and didn’t get as tired i felt great and i set a goal to feel like that again. Im gonna get on a strick diet and strick training scheduled. I will post my meals preps and my workout schedule so if you guys can realate to me u can try it out as well.

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