5 Yoga Benifits

Here are 5 of my favorite yoga benifits

1. Yoga helps get Oxygen to the brain: Oxygen to the brain is very important for the growth and repairing of the brain.

2. Body detoxification:yoga has been thought to help the body get rid of toxics

3. Less chance of heart disease:yoga deep breathing techniques help lower blood pressure. Yoga also helps quiet the nervous system and eases stress.

4. Better posture and flexibility: trying to get rid of bad posture or feeling to stiff ? Yoga has been proven to help with posture and flexibility by 35% after 8 weeks of practice. Yoga streching helps increase blood flow thru the body and increase the range of motion.

5. Enhances better mind to body connection : having a great mind to body connection means that ur body reacts better to your brains command and not having a great mind to body connection could mean your reflects and body movents might be slower this could be cause by stress,emotions, and even social behaviors.

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