The 30 day diet challenge

30 days do you have the discipline?

Try this 30 day challenge feel and see the change there is some things to cut off and some stuff to add to your daily routine i personally feel great and i am almost certain you will feel great as well give it a try if u slack off a little dont give up keep going i know you can do it 😁

10 simple things you have to do

  • Dont drink Soda
  • Drink More water
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Workout for 30min.
  • Cut off white bread
  • Eat more fruits&vegies
  • No candies
  • Switch coffee for green tea
  • Lower red meat consumption
  • Eat more fish or chicken

Its time to work for that dream body!!

Dont expect your dream body to be handed to you because thats not how life works. In this world you gotta work for what you want, dont find a short cut either its better to take the longer route so you can get use to the process. Be committed 100% thats the only way to see the best results you can get remember the effort you put is the results you’ll get.

Some helpfull tips

Find a workout partner it makes working out easier and fun.

Dont buy sweets or soda have the self control

Read and do research on soda,gluten,and red meat consumption

Dont give give up

Treat your body right

7 thoughts on “The 30 day diet challenge

  1. This is a really GREAT challenge! Every one of these challenge may be tough, but very doable, and would make a world of difference if somone who was doing these things on a daily basis would accept.

    These are all things I’ve slowly adapted as part of a clean diet over the past 7 years or so, (haven’t touched a sodap pop or artificial flavor in at least 10 years). Once you get away from it you realize how much you won’t miss it.

    The coffee is on the one thing I would have a tough time doing, though I know how beneficial it would be. I should really try it. I do drink a few cups of green tea a day allready, could drink a few more. This has got me thinking once I finish my current bag of coffee..

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    1. Thank you and yes they are very difficult but after a while it because a routine and they do make a big diffrence i haven’t drank soda and coffee for a year and i feel great i stop taking taking soda and coffee due to pre high blood pressure and at such a young age with that problem was not good i had to make this change and i would reccomend the green tea it helps with sress and its a great way to sweat before a workout you drink a hot cup and you start to pour in sweat thank you for your opinion means alot that you took the time to reply thank you

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      1. Nice, good for you, that’s impressive to make those changes!!

        I definitely do the green tea right now (but also the coffee) but no soda, artificial flavors, white bread is rare, as is red meat.

        Such great advice you have hear, my pleasure! I’ll definitely try that green tea trick thanks for the tip!

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      2. Thank you its hard but not impossible 😁
        Thats really good coffee isnt bad in my opinion i just dont tolerate it that well its a good wake up tho😂and thats really good soda is pretty much a can of sugar and thank you so much for the support and my pleasure

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    1. Yeah its very difficult and alot of stuff to change at once but it worth it and aslong as you try some of it thats fine the point of this challenge to me is to try and make people have a heathy life to treat there body right and live a long healthy life 😀 thank you

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