Why is lossing weight such a fight?

Lossing weight is a difficulty because our own body fights the lower body fat by decreasing the hormone leptim which tells the bain that were full and we increase the hormone gherlin which makes us hungry causing an imbalance of hormones makes it even harder to keep the weight off after we already lost it.

Environment Food Issues

Another reason i feel its so hard to lose weight is because of our environment and this may not be a reason for everyone but it is a big one we have food all around us and we can even get food deliver to use which make us even more lazier. And most of the food thats around us is unhealthy. This has been a problem that has been growing rapidly and will keep expanding. Food is being advertised everywhere we look like for example theres always food commercials on tv were always receiving coupons. I feel this make a diffrence on what we eat.

Muscle Absorption

Our muscles are becoming resistant to insulin and our muscles don’t open up as there suppose to absorb nutrients and glucose causing those nutrients to turn into fat which is stored for future use. But since we keep consuming food the process repeats and repeats causing us to gain weight. This causes problems further down the road.

5 thoughts on “Why is lossing weight such a fight?

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