How to reduce sugar cravings ?

The average sugar consumption for men is 37.5 grams of sugar and for women the average consumption is 25 grams yet the average human consumes about 82 grams more the twice that is recommend for both men and women which is about 66 more pounds a year. Ever wonder how to reduce sugar cravings well i have 5 ways here.

1.Dont drink to much sugarskip soda, juice, and other sweetened drinks. People who drink sugar sweetened beverages have up to an 83% higher chance of type 2 diabetes

2.Get more sleep– when people are deprived of sleep it causes an imbalance in the hunger and full hormones (ghrelin and leptin hormones) and when theres an imbalance you are more likely to have sugar craving

3.Infuse your water- try replacing sugary beverages like flavored sodas and jucies with a water infused with fruits or citrus it helps make water less plane and dull.

4.Replacing sugar with cinnamon- cinnamon adds a sweet taste with out the actual need of sugar. Cinnamon helps protect the heart and fight diabetes.

5.Modify your food– slowly change food recipes substituted sugar with whole food such as bananas, applesauce ,honey ,and syrup and other natural sweets.

Mood savers

Stress saver -chocolate helps ease and reduce stress in our body

Laziness saver– spinach gives natural energy and helps concentrate

Moody savereat apple and peanut butter it helps keep energy and sugar levels steady for long time

Eagerness saver– eats salmon for omega 3 fatty to help feel at ease

Depression saver– low fat milk has vitamin D which helps reduce depression

13 thoughts on “How to reduce sugar cravings ?

  1. Reseach has shown that refined sugar is MORE addictive than cocaine !! Adding lemon to water, esp first thing in the morning before eating, ‘wakes up’ and cleanses the digestive system. A very good thing to do.

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