Health benifits of turmeric and ginger

Turmeric and ginger in my opinion is great every morning and night i make a nice warm tea of turmeric with ginger and cinnamon. The tea makes me feel great it helps me sleep and clears my throat. These two roots have a huge amount of benifits.

Turmeric has been thought to be a great natural anti-inflammatory and great anti- oxidant. Turmeric has also been know for its digestion booster and pain killing benifits. Turmeric has been use also to help asthma (not cure help).people has also use turmic to help reduce chemotherapy effects. Im not suggesting that you consume or use turmeric but if you would consider using it do some research of your own to be sure

Ginger has great research on Benifits such as boosted bone health and also relieves joint pain. Ginger may also help prevent cancer and help regulate sugar, it also helps women out with reliveing pain during menstrual cramps. Ginger has been proven to help with nausea and getting rid of excess gas from the body.

25 thoughts on “Health benifits of turmeric and ginger

  1. I drink ginger, cinnamon tea as well as other herbs and have not been sick in decades.
    Perhaps instead of wasting money on pharmaceuticals we should be investing just as much in natural medicine ( I have been a practicing natural path for forty years and know oh so very well that natural medicine is the supreme medicine.
    Natural medicine come from Jehovah because He loves us. Pharmaceutical medicine comes from man to make profit for shareholders. Joseph a son of Jehovah

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    1. Thats awesome i love that tea wakes me up and i feel great . Yes i agree 100% nature medic and natural remedies are the best with no side effects. Yes he does loves us and gives the natural remedies we need we just dont use theam and its a big business we pay for medic that doesn’t help us if anything it makes us worse .


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